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set off

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to begin going somewhere, esp. on a trip.
They packed up the tent and set off on their hike.
definition 2: to start (something) happening or operating, esp. an alarm or something causing alarm or excitement.
He accidentally set off the fire alarm.It was this discovery that set off the scandal.
definition 3: to cause (something) to explode
The terrorists set the bomb off just as the conference was beginning.What time are they setting off the fireworks tonight?
definition 4: to bring out positive characteristics of (something) by being a good contrast with it.
This color eye shadow sets off your eyes nicely.
definition 5: to make (someone) start laughing, crying, complaining, yelling or the like without restraint.
Any mention of the incident will set him off and then he won't calm down again for an hour.She was trying not to laugh, but when he gave her that silly look, it just set her off.