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hold back

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to restrain (someone or something); prevent from going forth or coming out.
The crowd pushed forward but the police held them back.It was so sad that I couldn't hold back my tears.
definition 2: to restrain oneself from saying something or doing something.
She couldn't hold back any longer, and she finally said what was on her mind.I do try to hold back, but sometimes I just give in to temptation.
definition 3: to refrain from saying or expressing (something).
Don't hold back the truth from me. I want to hear it.He didn't trust her, so he held back his feelings.Everyone else knew the secret. Why did you hold it back from me?
definition 4: to prevent (a student) from advancing to the next grade level.
The child was very ill for most of his second grade year, so they thought it was best to hold him back.
definition 5: to prevent or hinder the progress of (someone or something).
I think you should start dating again. What is holding you back?Having trouble with his hearing was holding the child back in school.Not having exactly the right experience shouldn't always hold you back when applying for a job.A malfunction in the machines is holding back the project.