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take down

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to remove (something that is hanging or in a higher position).
I hated that ugly sign; I'm glad they took it down.It's time to take down the Christmas decorations.Could you take down that bowl that's on the top shelf?
definition 2: to eliminate (a standing structure).
They took down all the statues of the former leader.These buildings will be taken down when they build the new stadium.
definition 3: to record (something) or cause to be recorded in writing.
The police officer took down the suspect's statement.The student tried to take down every word the professor said.Suspicious, she listened at the door and took down what she could of the men's conversation.
definition 4: to conquer, criticize, or humiliate (someone).
You'd better not start anything with me, because I can take you down!He tried to defend his terrible behavior but she really took him down.
definition 5: to lower (an article of clothing) without taking it off.
He took down his trousers a bit and the nurse gave him a shot.