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set down

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to place (something) on the floor, ground, or other surface, often temporarily.
That desk is very heavy. Why don't you set it down for a moment?I had just set down my bag in the waiting area when somebody came by and grabbed it.
definition 2: to cause (someone) to sit.
One evening his father set the boy down and explained the whole truth to him.
definition 3: to land (an aircraft).
The pilot set the airplane down gently on the open water.
definition 4: to establish (rules, guidelines, or the like) officially.
Prison rules were set down by the governing body fifty years ago.We've been following these guidelines for years but I don't know who set them down originally.
definition 5: to record in writing, esp. in musical notation or as lyrics.
The chants had not been set down in musical notation and had to be memorized by the singers.