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put in

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to spend (an amount of time) working or trying accomplish something.
We put in a lot of extra hours so we could finish the project on time.
definition 2: to formally submit (an offer, application, declaration, or the like).
We're still hoping someone will put in a higher offer on our house.I put in a few bids at the auction but didn't get anything.She decided to put in an application for the supervisor job.His lawyer put in a plea of not guilty.
definition 3: to formally apply for something (fol. by "for").
The incident made him decide to put in for a transfer.
definition 4: to verbally insert (something) into a discussion.
Wait a moment. I'd just like to put in a comment before you go on.
definition 5: to plant (crops, vegetables, or flowers).
We're putting in rye in the upper field next year.I've finished putting in the chrysanthemums.
definition 6: of a boat or ship, to make a stop at a harbor or port.
The ship put in at Kingston for two nights then sailed on to Barbados.
definition 7: of travelers by canoe or kayak, to start one's journey at a particular place.
We'll put in below the rapids on the upper part of the river.