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break into

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to enter (a home, vehicle, or other property) by force, without authorization, and with an illegal purpose.
Someone broke into my car and stole my laptop that was in there.
definition 2: to interrupt (an utterance, conversation, meeting, or the like).
She hadn't said a word, but then she suddenly and angrily broke into the discussion.I'm sorry to break into your meeting, but a police officer is here to see you.
definition 3: to successfully launch oneself into (a particular profession) or to launch one's business into (a particular market).
After years of trying, he decided that he was never going to break into show business.She worked hard to break into advertising and now she had a successful career.The company has had little success breaking into the European market.
definition 4: to suddenly begin to display (evidence of an emotional or physical reaction).
When I asked her what happened, the child broke into tears.He hadn't run far when he broke into a sweat.I was relieved when she finally broke into a smile.
definition 5: to launch forward at a faster pace.
She walked away from the man at first, but then she broke into a run.I wasn't prepared for the horse to break into a gallop.
definition 6: to suddenly start singing or playing (a song, tune, or the like).
When the clock struck midnight, the party-goers broke into a rendition of Auld Lang Syne.