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get to

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: to arrive at (a destination), or to travel to and arrive at (a destination).
He got to the station just at five o'clock when the train was about to leave.I have to get to the office early today.Can you tell me how to get to the post office?It will take two hours to get to the camp.
definition 2: to start (something).
I got to wondering last night why he never invited me to his house.Stop talking and get to work!
definition 3: to reach a point where one can deal with (something).
I couldn't get to the vacuuming today, so I'll have to do it tomorrow.I finished half of them, and I'll get to the rest this afternoon.
definition 4: to reach or influence (someone).
I've been trying all year to get to these students but I think I've had little success.
definition 5: to annoy or irritate (someone).
The music from upstairs is really getting to me now.