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out of

aUt v
part of speech: preposition
definition 1: used to describe movement outward from a particular location.
They flew out of Lisbon that night.The cat jumped out of the box.
definition 2: used to describe a change marked by loss, or a situation of no longer having.
The car went out of control.That washing machine is out of order.He's been out of work since December.We're out of bread, so we'll have to go to the store soon.
definition 3: used to indicate the loss of something as a result of some action, usually engaged in by another.
They swindled him out of his investment.He tried to cheat her out of her inheritance.By doing this foolish thing, I robbed myself out of my savings.
definition 4: used to describe a change in state or form, or the loss of the effect of something.
It was as if she was coming out of a trance.The patient is coming out of the anesthesia now.These shoes are out of fashion now.The hat was in my suitcase, so it's completely out of shape now.
definition 5: used to indicate a deviation from the norm, the correct standard, or the expected.
Some items on this list are out of order.Your wheels are out of alignment.These chairs are out of place; they belong over there.
definition 6: used to indicate the source of something.
I prefer a table made out of wood.The columns are constructed out of marble.
definition 7: resulting from; due to.
She gave him the money out of kindness.Simply out of spite, they refused to help him in any way.I hope you're doing this because you want to and not out of a sense of obligation.They fled out of fear for their lives.
definition 8: from among (a certain total number).
One out of four people agreed with that statement.We lost two out of eight games this year.
definition 9: esp. of horses, descended from; born to.