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knock off

part of speech: phrase
definition 1: (informal) to stop (doing something, esp. something that annoys someone else).
You're driving me crazy making that noise! Knock it off!
cut out
definition 2: to quit working for the day.
We finished the project, so the boss said we could knock off work early.Planting all those bushes made me tired. I think I'm going to knock off.
definition 3: to produce (something) in a quick and repetitive way.
I can make easy money with these things because I can knock them off quickly.
definition 4: to deduct (an amount) from the price of something.
There was a slight tear in the fabric so the store owner knocked ten dollars off the price.
definition 5: (slang) to rob (a bank or other commercial establishment).
The gang knocked off three liquor stores in the area.
definition 6: to make (something) as a cheap imitation of something else.
These bags are not originals; all these designs have been knocked off.