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up to

uhp tu
part of speech: preposition
definition 1: as far upward as.
The water was up to my waist.The mud was up to our ankles.
definition 2: as far as; near to (used with verbs of motion to indicate the idea of approaching, coming near to someone or something and stopping).
A tourist came up to me and asked for directions to his hotel.They rode their bikes up to the corner and back.I went up to the shop window and looked inside.Someone ran up to the police officer and said there was a fire.She drove up to the banking window and made a deposit.
definition 3: until.
I've been happy up to now, but I think I might want to make a change eventually.
definition 4: to the maximum amount, extent, or degree of.
I can spend up to two-hundred dollars but no more.These machines should last up to ten years.It gets up to 104 degrees here in the summer.
definition 5: equal in quality to.
I hope my work is up to the standard that they expect.We had to throw those out because they weren't up to our standards.
definition 6: capable of; equal to the task of.
This is going to be a tremendous challenge. Do you think you're up to it?I planned to clean out my basement this month, but I just wasn't up to it.She had a bad cold that morning and didn't feel up to going to work.
definition 7: (informal) busy with; engaged in (often used when misbehavior or secret activity is suspected).
What are you up to this afternoon? If you're not busy, let's have lunch.We'd better check what those kids are up to in the kitchen.He's been doing some strange things lately; I wonder what he's up to.Those two girls are always getting up to some mischief or other.