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parts of speech:
noun, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a series of connected links, usu. made of metal, used for attaching, pulling, binding, or ornamentation.
The prisoners were connected to each other by chains.She put the dog outside on his chain.He wore a gold chain around his neck.
similar words:
cable, fetter, fob, tether
definition 2: something that confines or restrains.
He felt his dreary job was a chain around his neck.
bond, constraint, fetter, leash, manacle, restraint, shackle, trammel
similar words:
check, curb
definition 3: a series of connected things or events.
A chain of mountains stretched across the state.There has been a chain of robberies in the city.
progression, sequence, series, string
similar words:
concatenation, course, cycle, range, set, succession, train
definition 4: a series of like business establishments owned by one person or company.
This hotel chain operates only on the east coast.
similar words:
conglomerate, franchise
definition 5: (pl.) bondage; captivity.
bondage, captivity, servitude, slavery
similar words:
bonds, confinement, fetters, incarceration, irons, shackles
definition 6: a unit of length, used in surveying, that is equal to sixty-six feet or 20.1 meters, and used in engineering, equal to one hundred feet or 30.48 meters.
surveyor's measure
definition 7: a measuring instrument of either of these lengths.
surveyor's level
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part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: chains, chaining, chained
definition 1: to secure, attach, or fasten with a chain.
similar words:
bind, enchain, fasten, fetter, handcuff, lash, leash, manacle, moor, secure, shackle, tether, tie
definition 2: to hold captive; confine.
confine, imprison, incarcerate, restrain
similar words:
fetter, handcuff, intern, manacle, pen, pinion, restrict, shackle
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