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part of speech: noun
definition 1: the distinguishing qualities and attributes of a person, place, or thing.
The town has a quaint and old-fashioned character.Her character is open and honest like her mother's.
attributes, essence, genius, nature, personality, quality, spirit
similar words:
air, ambiance, characteristics, complexion, disposition, features, individuality, mettle, mold, reputation, sort, stamp, temperament
definition 2: strong moral and ethical qualities; integrity.
We expect character in our leaders.
backbone, conscientiousness, integrity, morality
similar words:
courage, fortitude, honesty, honor, mettle, principle, rectitude, strength
definition 3: a person in a novel, play, poem, or the like.
Many actors have played the character of Hamlet in Shakespeare's play.
similar words:
antagonist, dramatis personae, personage, player, protagonist
definition 4: a mark, letter, or symbol used in an alphabet or in mathematics.
Your password must contain at least nine characters, either numbers or letters.The character "&" is called an "ampersand."
similar words:
figure, ideogram, letter, mark, number, rune, symbol
definition 5: (informal) one who is considered odd or eccentric.
Some people find him annoying because he's such a character, but I enjoy him.
eccentric, oddball
similar words:
crackpot, crank, fruitcake, nut, nut case, oddity, screwball, weirdo
definition 6: a person, in reference to certain qualities.
He was always a strange character, even when we were little.
similar words:
customer, fellow, individual, man, person, woman
definition 7: unique charm or distinction.
These modern hospital rooms have absolutely no character.Her dark eyebrows give her face character.
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  • characterize:
    to describe a person's character.
  • characteristic:
    a particular quality of a person or thing.
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