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klae sih kl
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part of speech: adjective
definition 1: of or pertaining to ancient Greek and Roman culture.
The class is studying the gods of classical mythology this semester.The museum has a new exhibit of classical sculptures.
similar words:
ancient, archaic, Greek
definition 2: having a style resembling that of Greek and Roman art and literature, esp. including the qualities of simplicity, restraint, and balance. (Cf. romantic.)
She admired classical poetry, but she found a classical style too restraining for her own compositions.
definition 3: of or pertaining to formal, composed music of the European tradition and especially to the form of this music originating in the eighteenth century. (Cf. popular, folk.)
Mozart, Beethoven, and Haydn were composers of classical music.We both enjoy classical music, but she prefers symphonies and I prefer chamber music.
similar words:
highbrow, longhair, symphonic
definition 4: of a refined style or artistry associated with an earlier age, and especially with an age considered to mark a high point in the development of a particular aspect of culture within a particular society.
He has a strong interest in classical Chinese poetry.The class is studying classical sitar music of northern India.
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derivations: classically (adv.), classicalness (n.)
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  art, culture, dance, music, theater
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