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kam pr maIz
parts of speech:
noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a settlement of differences by partial concession of demands by each party, or the result of such a settlement.
The two sides negotiated for several days before reaching a compromise.
accord, give-and-take, tradeoff
intransigence, polarization, schism
similar words:
accommodation, agreement, appeasement, arrangement, concession, deal, resolution, settlement, understanding
definition 2: an intermediate position between, or combination of qualities of, different things.
similar words:
golden mean, intermediate, mean, medium
definition 3: a concession or other action that endangers, esp. one's reputation or character.
His vote on this issue was a compromise of his principles.
similar words:
concession, jeopardy, risk, submission, surrender
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part of speech: intransitive verb
definition 1: to make a compromise.
As management was calling for pay cuts at the same time as workers were demanding raises, both sides were required to compromise.Neither of us wished to give in, but in the end we compromised.
split the difference
similar words:
agree, compound, meet halfway, settle
definition 2: to surrender or endanger one's principles or reputation.
similar words:
concede, submit, surrender, yield
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: compromises, compromising, compromised
definition 1: to settle by mutual concessions.
meet halfway
similar words:
agree, settle
definition 2: to imperil the reputation or character of.
The revelation of his wrongdoing in the press compromised him politically.
endanger, imperil, jeopardize
similar words:
expose, hazard, menace, prejudice, risk, threaten
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derivations: compromisingly (adv.), compromiser (n.)
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