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part of speech: transitive verb
pronunciation: kn vuhrt
inflections: converts, converting, converted
definition 1: to transform (something) into another form, substance, or state.
We can convert the sofa into a bed.The gas engine converts the gas into electrical power.
alter, change, commute, metamorphose, transform, translate, transmute, transubstantiate
similar words:
invert, modify, permute, rearrange, rebuild, reconstruct, remake, remodel, reorder, reorganize, transfigure, turn
definition 2: to cause to accept different religious or political beliefs or attitudes.
They went to foreign countries hoping to convert people to their religion.
proselyte, proselytize
definition 3: to change (money) into foreign currency of equal value.
We converted our American money into euros.
exchange, trade
similar words:
commute, interchange, swap
part of speech: intransitive verb
pronunciation: kn vuhrt
definition: to adopt new and fundamentally different beliefs or attitudes, esp. religious or political.
Before her marriage, she converted to Judaism.
similar words:
alter, change, metamorphose, modify
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part of speech: noun
pronunciation: kan vrt
definition: a person who has been converted or who has adopted new beliefs, esp. those of a specific religion or political doctrine.
He is a recent convert to Islam.
neophyte, proselyte
similar words:
believer, catechumen, disciple, follower, novice
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  belief, religion
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