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parts of speech:
noun, intransitive verb, transitive verb
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part of speech: noun
definition 1: a large number of people massed together.
It was hard to find her amidst the crowd at the station.
concourse, crush, flock, horde, mass, multitude, throng
similar words:
army, assembly, bevy, confluence, drove, herd, host, legion, mob, pack, population, swarm
definition 2: a particular social group of an undetermined size, bound together by common interests or activities.
She hangs out with the college crowd these days.I don't associate with his crowd anymore.
association, circle, coterie, society
similar words:
band, bunch, clique, club, company, crew, faction, force, gang, gathering, group, party, set, troop
definition 3: the general population; masses.
It's not always best to follow the crowd.
herd, masses, mob, multitude, people
similar words:
commonality, commoners, everyman, hoi polloi, man in the street, populace, public, rabble
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part of speech: intransitive verb
inflections: crowds, crowding, crowded
definition 1: to gather together in a crowd.
People crowded in front of the theater to get tickets.
assemble, congregate, gather, herd, mass, throng
similar words:
cluster, concentrate, converge, pack
definition 2: to move oneself forward by pressing in on or pushing others.
crush, elbow, jostle, press, push, shove
similar words:
cram, jam, throng
part of speech: transitive verb
definition 1: to press, push, or pack tightly together.
They crowded too many people in here.
jam, press, push, shove
similar words:
concentrate, cram, herd, jostle, pack, squeeze
definition 2: to fill to capacity.
Demonstrators crowded the street.
cram, fill, jam, pack
similar words:
congest, mob, stuff, throng
definition 3: to exert pressure on.
I don't wanted to be crowded on this matter because it has to be my own decision.
press, pressure, push, sway
similar words:
coerce, compel, force, impel, persuade, urge
definition 4: to come very near to or gather around (someone) in a way that causes a feeling of unwanted closeness.
Stop crowding me! I can't do my work.
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  • crowded:
    being full of people or things.
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