WOTW Feb-3-7-2020
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ablution a washing or cleansing of oneself, especially as part of a religious observance or ritual.
absolute precise, exact.
disincentive something that reduces the motivation or inclination to work or act, especially an economic deterrent.
incentive something that motivates one to work or act.
ostentatious done or designed with the intention of impressing others and consequently overly showy or grandiose; pretentious.
polygon a closed, two-dimensional figure with three or more sides bounded by straight lines.
polysemy the quality of having more than one related meaning.
stentorian extremely loud and powerful.
turnkey one who has control of the keys in a prison or jail; jailer.
turnstile a device used to control movement from one area to another, usually consisting of a vertical post with rotating arms that allow people to pass through one at a time, often only after paying a fee.