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alcohol-free of a beverage, containing no alcohol.
chemical-free of or pertaining to a product that does not contain artificial chemicals or is produced without the use of artificial chemicals.
duty-free exempt from a duty or tax.
fancy-free without obligations or commitments, esp. any love attachment.
for free for no money; at no cost.
free agent a professional athlete, such as a baseball player, who is free to contract to play for any team.
free and easy casual and unconstrained.
free association a psychoanalytic technique for discovering repressed thoughts and emotions, in which the patient talks spontaneously about whatever comes to mind. [2 definitions]
free city a city having its own sovereign government under international control.
free enterprise the notion that a capitalist economy does not require government support or intervention, but can regulate itself through the relationships of supply and demand in a freely competitive market.
free flight the flight or any part a flight, as of an airplane or rocket, that occurs without a means of propulsion.
free gold gold of the U.S. treasury whose use is not restricted to the redemption of gold certificates. [2 definitions]
free lunch (informal) something obtained for nothing.
free market a market in which buying and selling is theoretically conducted without restriction. [2 definitions]
free on board delivered free of charge to a buyer on board a train or ship.
free port a port that is open to all ships. [2 definitions]
free radical an atom or molecule with one or more unpaired electrons.
free school a school that is an alternative to the traditional public and private schools, with a flexible approach to teaching.
free throw in basketball, an unhindered shot at the basket from the foul line; foul shot.
free trade trade between countries that is free of import-export quotas, duties, or other governmental restrictions.