Check out Wordsmyth’s new Grammatical Patterns feature!

The Grammatical Patterns feature is a comprehensive guide to the structural patterns of verbs. Future updates will include data relating to adjectives and nouns as well. Located within Search Tools, Grammatical Patterns lists verb patterns, verbs that follow each pattern, detailed descriptions of each of these patterns, and usage examples.  

Within individual dictionary entries, example sentences illustrating particular verb patterns are marked with the name of the pattern. Each pattern is linked to its description in the guide.

Clicking on the name of a pattern, such as verb + (that) + clause, will take you directly to information about that pattern. Each pattern description identifies its parts, provides additional example sentences, and lists other verbs following the pattern.

Grammatical Patterns Glossary

The Grammatical Patterns Glossary carefully defines grammatical terms used in the descriptions of patterns. Some topics covered include individual parts of speech, sentence components, and verb forms.

The Glossary can also be used as a stand-alone guide by learners or teachers interested in refining their understanding or teaching of grammatical terminology.

Grammatical Patterns teaches how specific words operate in a sentence and how English generally constructs sentences. Language learners with an individual or school group subscription can use Grammatical Patterns to expand their word and grammar knowledge. 

For more information, check out our tutorial video!

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