Wordsmyth Dictionary’s Search Filters focus your dictionary search using specific search parameters. Using Search Filters, you can search through all of Wordsmyth’s assets, including:

  • Entries with images or animations
  • Entries with attached Word Histories, Language Notes, Word Builder features, or Word Parts (roots and affixes)
  • Homophone entries
  • Words of particular parts of speech
  • Word Explorer categories
  • Words at a particular Wordsmyth Vocabulary Inventory (WVI) level

Currently, Wordsmyth offers two levels of filters: Simple and Advanced.

Simple Search Filters

The Simple Search Filter searches for results that fit into one filter category. To turn on Wordsmyth’s Simple Search Filters,

  1. Click one of the Search Filters in the Search Filters menu
  2. Click one of the filter options from the list
  3. Search for a word in the results.

Simple Search Features can only be used one at a time. To reset your Search Filters, click the “Show all words” button at the top of the filter menu.

Browse Search Results

To browse multiple pages of results, click “Next >>” at the bottom-right-hand corner of the page.

You can also browse your search results alphabetically using the alphabet at the top of the page. 

Advanced Search Filters

Wordsmyth’s Advanced Search Filters provide more specific results by searching through multiple categories simultaneously.  For example, this allows you to search for all nouns that have images attached to their entries or, for example, all verbs at Level 3 that have animated illustrations.  To turn on Advanced Search:

  1. Go to “Simple Search Filters”
  2. Click the “Click here for Advanced Search Filters” drop down menu
  3. To use the Advanced Search Filters,
    1. Click the features you’d like to filter
    2. Click the check boxes that apply to your search
    3. Once you’ve selected your filters, click “Set Filter”
  4. To search for a word within your search parameters:
    1. Type a word into the “Search Within Filters” bar and click “Go”
    2. If the word you searched for fits within your filtered selections, you can view it within your current selections.
    3. If the word you searched for is not within the filtered results, you will be shown the nearest alphabetical result.

Clear Advanced Search Filters

To clear your search filters, click “Clear Filter” at the bottom of the Search Filter Menu.

“Any” and “All”

The “Any” and “All” features show the search results fitting the categories you select.  When you select more than one filter, specify “Any” or “All” to widen or narrow your search. When using “Any” or “All,” you can select one or more options from each of the four filter categories. Specify “Any” or “All” when you select multiple categories. If you select only one option in a category, you do not need to set that category to “Any” or “All.” The results will be the same either way.


“Any” searches for features that fit one or both of the filters you select. To view any entries that contain “Images” and/or “Word History” features,

  1. Click “Entries with Special Features”
  2. Select “Images” and “Word History”
  3. Above the feature filters, select “Any”
  4. Click “Set Filters”
  5. Search for a word in the “Search Within Filters” bar

Your search results will contain either images or word histories, as well as entries that contain both.


The “All” feature narrows down your search to show results that contain all of the features you select. To search through entries that contain both “Images” as well as “Word Histories”:

  1. Click “Entries with Special Features”
  2. Select “Images” and “Word History”
  3. Above the feature filters, select “All”
  4. Click “Set Filters”
  5. Search for a word in the “Search Within Filters” bar

Your search results will have both an image and a word history in their entries. All of these entries would be included in the broader “any” search.

Check out our Search Filters in action!

Wordsmyth’s Search Filters make the most of our extensive databases to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. However, only our subscribers get to use them. Why not get the most out of your dictionary and subscribe?

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