If you have a Subscription Key to use in activating your group subscription, you will need to create a school URL and activate your subscription. Here are the instructions for using your Subscription Key.

1. Go to subscription page

Wordsmyth navigation bar

Under the “Educational Group Subscription” column, click “Subscribe Now.”

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2. Create your school URL.

Fill out the school information form, and click “Generate School URL.” A School URL will be created automatically, using your school name.

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Click “save” to complete the process of creating your unique school URL.

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If you notice a mistake, you can still go back to change your school information, or edit the URL by clicking the “Edit” button.

Since you have a subscription key, DO NOT click “proceed to check out.” Instead, you will activate your subscription key in your personal account “Settings.”

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3. Activate your subscription key

On the top right corner next to your user name, there is a link to your “Settings.” In the Subscription tab on your settings page, you can activate your subscription key by following the instructions below.

a. Select the radio-button for “Group” subscription.

b. At the bottom of the page, where it says “Have a subscription key??” click the link that says “click here to activate.”

c. After you paste the subscription key and click the “Activate” button, your group subscription will be available right away, at your school URL.

If you click “Return to Subscription settings,” you will see your status has changed. Please note, you will be on Wordsmyth’s main site (www.wordsmyt.net). You will need to go to your school URL to have access to all the subscription features.

4. Share the url and enjoy the subscription

We recommend you put a link to the URL on your class or school website. For a class subscription, up to 50 students can use the URL. For a school subscription, up to 400 students can use the URL. This is an easy way to share with your students. You could also share the URL by email or any other messaging system you choose to use. When your students register and go to your school URL, they will automatically have access to all subscription features.