transitive verb

1. to update or bring back into use.
Now that they have children of their own, they want to revive some of the old family traditions.
Many of the styles of past decades have been revived.

2. to infuse with new health, vigor, or vitality.
The much-needed rain revived the crops.

3. to restore (a person or animal) to consciousness.
The nurse was able to revive the patient who had fainted.

4. to renew mentally.
Her clear description revived my memory of him.

5. to present a modern version of (a theatrical work).
The playwright’s early works were revived fifty years after his death.

intransitive verb

1. to return to health, vigor, or a happy condition.
Our spirits revived when we learned our mother would recover from the illness.
Years later, the village that had suffered so much during the war was able to revive.
With excellent and caring treatment, the patient revived.

2. to come back to consciousness.
Several hours after the accident, the victim revived.

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