Why is everything different now

Many young children are still having difficulty understanding why they are having to stay at home these days and why they are not going to school. Many children may be confused and anxious. To help caregivers and teachers answer questions relating to the current crisis, Wordsmyth has developed a story that not only explains, in a clear and simple manner, the basics concerning the virus but also helps children see that they are not alone in wondering why “everything is different now.”

Wordsmyth’s charmingly illustrated story about how one little girl is coping with staying at home is both realistic and heartening as she expresses both her anxiety and her positive attitude in connection with this very new and strange situation.

We cordially invite you to download the Wordsmyth story Why is Everything Different Now? Print it out or use it online. Use it as a teaching tool or just for something both soothing and fun.

If you’re a Wordsmyth subscriber, you can take advantage of the linking of key vocabulary words in the text with easy-to-read definitions and example sentences in WILD, our dictionary for K-2 readers (the Wordsmyth Illustrated Learner’s Dictionary). These entries can be used to create a glossary or to create other pre-teaching or post-reading activities for your students. Entries for all the other words of the story are also available in WILD.