Wordsmyth has always been a resource for online learning, but with so many K-12 teachers engaging in online instruction during this difficult time, we would like to offer a guide to Wordsmyth’s plentiful tools that can help out with the challenging task of teaching children remotely.

For Grades K-2

WILD, the Wordsmyth Illustrated Learner’s Dictionary
This rich and unique online resource with its interactive visual world provides a charming and engaging means for children to learn both about words and about the real world. It even contains an interactive world map and short descriptions of all the world’s countries. Very young students can safely and enjoyably explore the WILD site by themselves or they can use it in classroom activities with a teacher.

WILD offers four distinct learning environments:

Children can effortlessly navigate from one of these environments to another through each word’s entry in the WILD Book.

Ideas for using WILD in the classroom as well as general help information about the site can be accessed from the “Educators” dropdown menu at the top right of any page in WILD. Note also that word labels in Spanish or Chinese can be turned on or off in the lower toolbar.

Let’s Be Good Digital Citizens
With more children than ever using the internet by themselves, the need for guidelines for safe use of this incredible resource is very great. In WILD, we provide a tool to help teachers and caregivers instruct very young children in how to navigate the internet safely and respectfully. WILD’s infographic Let’s Be Good Digital Citizens makes it easy to give children the information they need.

You can download teaching materials and activities in pdf, or you can ask your students to go to WILD and use it online.

For Grades 3-9

Wordsmyth Word Explorer Children’s Dictionary
Wordsmyth’s Children’s Dictionary is designed for upper elementary and middle school students. Like the WILD dictionary, the Children’s Dictionary is also well-suited to the needs of young ESL students. Click here to learn more about the Children’s Dictionary.

Wordsmyth recently published its Children’s Dictionary app on both Android and App Store. This app can be used online or offline, which will accommodate the needs of students without consistent internet access.

If you have a school or teacher subscription, you can assign vocabulary word lists for your students to practice online with our vocabulary center activities.

For high school and college students

Our comprehensive dictionary suite contains three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The linked levels support advanced students and struggling students alike, as users can, with one click, access simpler or more sophisticated definitions and example sentences for words they’ve looked up. The unique leveled structure also provides the best support for older or more advanced ESL students.

In the comprehensive dictionary suite, users will find readable definitions on an uncluttered page, thousands of highly instructive example sentences to clarify the meaning and use of words, thesaurus information, audio pronunciation, and thousands of photos and colorful illustrations. There is also access to glossary and quiz makers in the vocabulary center. Below are links to descriptions of some additional unique features in our dictionary suite that you may find helpful for your students:

Wordsmyth’s Student & ELL Dictionary app is now available on the App Store and Google Play. The app provides the full set of features of our Comprehensive Suite for better user experience on mobile phones or tablets. Once downloaded, it will always be available for you and your students even without internet. Check out the full app description.

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