Yes! As part of our recent update, we’ve adopted a new logo for WILD. In addition to the logo change, we’ve made many improvements to the dictionary that will make it even better at supporting the online education of learners in grades K to 2. We are aware that teaching young children online can be extremely challenging. With our recent update, we hope to make that task not only easier but a bit more fun.

More illustrations and animations

We’ve added a whole host of new illustrations and animations to WILD. Check out the new Parts of a Flower collection, for example, or the expanded Weather collection—complete with the sound of thunder! Discover our new set of World Maps showing geographical features such as rivers, mountain ranges, and seas. And take a look at some of our new animations for action verbs in the Language collections to see a sample of newly enriched illustrations in the WILD interactive learning environment.

Improved navigation system

Part of the uniqueness and beauty of WILD lies in the connections between its four environments:  World, Collections, Book, and Picture Dictionary. A child may, for example, start by seeing the spider inside the Den in the Desert setting (or inside the Barn in the Farm setting), click to learn more about what a spider is in the Book, and jump from there to see it in the Insects and Invertebrates collection among its fellow creeping and crawling animals. Navigating between these different environments is not only fun for children but allows them to quickly and easily expand their knowledge set for a word while building up the memory store they have for it. Navigating in WILD has always been simple, but our current update has made it even smoother and more intuitive.

Subscription to WILD offers more than you think!

As a stand-alone Wordsmyth product, WILD offers tremendous value to the user—and our new update has added even more to that value—but did you know that when you subscribe to WILD, you also get full access to all of Wordsmyth’s upper level dictionaries and vocabulary tools? This includes, among other resources, its Children’s Dictionary, which was written for upper elementary students and includes Spanish and Chinese translations for all its words and example sentences. This is a truly extraordinary value!

Educators, please check out our Educational Group Subscription options. With subscription, your young students will have direct access to all of WILD’s features without the hassle of registration and logging in. It couldn’t be simpler!