Working in partnership with the acclaimed ReadWorks reading program, Wordsmyth is powering the new “ReadWorks Vocabulary Widget,” now live at

The new vocabulary widget is automatically available for students to use during reading on the ReadWorks site. ReadWorks pre-selected vocabulary words appear in bold and in blue in their reading passages, and students can click on any of these vocabulary words to open the widget. From there, they can listen to a human-voiced audio pronunciation of the word, see images and varying word forms, and read a child-friendly Wordsmyth definition aligned to how the word is used in the reading passage. Translations of the word into Spanish and Mandarin Chinese are also provided.

Learn more about the ReadWorks vocabulary widget powered by Wordsmyth on the ReadWorks help page.

Using your own text in the Wordsmyth Vocabulary Center

If the idea of adding a vocabulary learning component to a text of your own choosing appeals to you, you can get good results by coming to the Wordsmyth Vocabulary center. Here, you can:

  • extract vocabulary automatically from any text to create vocabulary lists
  • use your vocabulary lists in Wordsmyth activities for practice and assessment
  • save and share your word lists with your students or learning partners

If you have any questions, read more about Wordsmyth Vocabulary Center.

The Wordsmyth widget travels anywhere

Wordsmyth’s own vocabulary widget, available from its website, allows you or your students to look up words on any web page with any browser. If you are using ReadWorks, your students can use the Wordsmyth widget to look up words other than the ReadWorks pre-selected ones. (You can even compose or paste a text of your own in Google docs and have your students use it with our widget.) Simply drag and drop our widget icon to your browser toolbar from our widget page. Then click on words you want to look up while reading. It’s easy, and it’s free!

If you have any questions, read more about Wordsmyth’s free widget.