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Natural Environment
73 vocabulary words relating to items in settings such as the desert, forest, seashore, jungle, and ocean. Typical words include: sand, cactus, bobcat, shell, ocean, starfish, cave, vine, and frog.

42 vocabulary words relating to parts of plants, types of plants, parts of trees, flowers, and parts of a flower.  Typical words include: corn, rice, bamboo, fern, grass, cone, leaf, stamen, and moss.

54 vocabulary words related to school, including such items as: cafeteria, gym, classroom, playground, teacher, principal, blackboard, desk, whiteboard, map, globe, computer lab, tablet, and backpack.

People and things
112 words connected with parts of the body, ways people feel, people in jobs, holidays, and sports. Typical words include: ear, mouth, knee, glad, proud, scared, barber, chef, Halloween, and soccer.

110 animal words in categories such as Jumping, Leaping Animals; Creeping, Crawling Animals; Furry Animals; Sea Animals; Scary Animals; Pets; Bugs; Big Cats; and Beautiful Birds.

72 vocabulary words relating to types of home, places in the home, and things found in the home. Typical words include:  porch, yard, kitchen, oven, closet, jacket, jeans, armchair, bathtub, and sink.

Art and Music
79 words relating to kinds of art, art materials, colors, shapes, musical instruments, and things found in a theater. Typical words include: easel, clay, painting, triangle, flute, drum, and costume.

Busy World
114 words relating to places of activity and the things and people found in each. Categories range from Places in a City to Things at a Restaurant, and from Things at a Campground to Things on a Farm.

66 words relating to vehicles and ways of getting around.  Typical words include bus, train, airplane, walk, drive, skate, highway, sidewalk, path, engine, windshield, and tire.

114 food words ranging from fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood to baked goods, breakfast foods, and things on a sandwich. Typical words include: pear, broccoli, chicken, tuna, roll, and mustard.

Earth and Space
103 words including names of planets, types of land on Earth, types of weather, bodies of water, and names of Earth’s continents, oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, deserts, and mountains.

Language and Numbers
114 words in total. “Language” words include 58 action verbs, such as dig, climb, and fly, and 28 words that are prepositions, such as under, on, and through. “Numbers” includes 28 number words.