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About Wordsmyth Word Combinations

The Word Combinations feature displays words that are frequently used in combination with the word you looked up. For some of the combinations to make sense, however, you may need to supply additional words such as “and,” “of,” “in,” “with,” or “from.” Supplying…


Wordsmyth’s new Word Parts database

The importance of learning Word Parts Studying word parts (roots and affixes) equips us to do the following: Identify the meaningful elements that make up words. Learn the characteristics of roots and of affixes: origin, meaning, grammatical function. Guess (or recall) the meaning…


Comprehensive Learner’s Dictionary: Integrated Leveled Dictionaries

One of the most distinctive and useful features Wordsmyth offers is the ability to search three dictionaries, at three different reading levels, from one search box. The Comprehensive Learner’s Dictionary combines our Advanced Dictionary-Thesaurus with two additional Wordsmyth dictionaries, the Intermediate Dictionary-Thesaurus for upper elementary…


How to s*rch the diction?ry using wild card symbols

Did you know that Wordsmyth’s dictionary search box permits the use of wild card symbols?  “?” and “*”: These unassuming symbols are surprisingly powerful, as they can represent any letter or string of letters in a word. Understanding how to use them will…


New Feature: Your Look-up History

Nothing brings home to me just how much mileage I habitually rack up on the information highway like a glance at my browser history. Whether it’s showing me locations I visited “last week,” “yesterday,” or even earlier “today,” the amount and the variety…