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WILD has gotten a great update and a new look!

Yes! As part of our recent update, we’ve adopted a new logo for WILD. In addition to the logo change, we’ve made many improvements to the dictionary that will make it even better at supporting the online education of learners in grades K…


Free Dictionary Widget! Get the Wordsmyth widget for online teaching and learning

To help with online study and learning during these difficult times, Wordsmyth would like to introduce you to its free dictionary widget that you and your students can use to look up words on any web page.


Wordsmyth online teaching resources

Wordsmyth has always been a resource for online learning, but with so many K-12 teachers engaging in online instruction during this difficult time, we would like to offer a guide to Wordsmyth’s plentiful tools that can help out with the challenging task of…


Wordsmyth dictionary app for students and ELL

Wordsmyth’s Student & ELL Dictionary is now available on the App Store and Google Play. The app is designed for students and English language learners.


Why is Everything Different Now?

Why is everything different now

Many young children are still having difficulty understanding why they are having to stay at home these days and why they are not going to school. Many children may be confused and anxious. To help caregivers and teachers answer questions relating to the…