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Word Explorer: explore the world of the words

Unique to our Children’s Dictionary is the Word Explorer:  a word-finding and knowledge-exploration feature. It is an index of related words that allows a child to find words connected with multiple topics and to explore whole networks of words and their meanings.  The…


The Wordsmyth Vocabulary Center

Teachers, the Wordsmyth Vocabulary Center offers some of the best vocabulary-teaching tools you’ll find online and supports your curriculum’s vocabulary component for all subjects. In addition, it provides a remarkably easy way for your students to personalize their vocabulary learning on their own.


Wordsmyth Comprehensive Dictionary Suite

Wordsmyth’s Comprehensive Dictionary has a companion app—Wordsmyth Student & ELL Dictionary—available for both Android and iOS devices.


Free Dictionary Widget! Get the Wordsmyth widget for online teaching and learning

To help with online study and learning during these difficult times, Wordsmyth would like to introduce you to its free dictionary widget that you and your students can use to look up words on any web page.


Student & ELL Dictionary App

Wordsmyth’s new app is available on App Store and Google Play and can be used with or without internet connection. If you want to purchase the app for your whole school, it is available with an educational discount through Apple School Manager or…