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About the Wordsmyth “Word Combinations” Feature

The Word Combinations feature in Wordsmyth dictionaries displays words that are frequently used in combination with a particular headword. If you looked up “negotiate,” for example, you would be presented with words such as “accord,” “agreement,” “cease-fire,” “compromise,” “contract,” “deal,” “treaty,” and “truce.”…


How to add a word that is not in Wordsmyth to your activities

When you create a wordlist in the Wordlist Maker, you can add more words to the list, even when the word is not in the Wordsmyth dictionaries. And you can use those words in activities. Click “Customize” and add the word in the…


Wordsmyth Features: Lookup History

The Lookup History feature records every dictionary entry a user has recently looked up. Going back through your recent Wordsmyth searches is a great way to keep track of words you’ve learned or inquired about. Forget what a word means? Know the definition…


Wordsmyth Features: Search Filters

Wordsmyth Dictionary’s Search Filters focus your dictionary search using specific search parameters. Using Search Filters, you can search through all of Wordsmyth’s assets, including: Entries with images or animations Entries with attached Word Histories, Language Notes, Word Builder features, or Word Parts (roots…


Wordsmyth Features: Display Options

The Display Options menu shows and hides different features in Wordsmyth’s dictionary entry display. This menu is available at the top of every entry and can be used to make changes at any time.  edit