Do you have a favorite word you’d like to share? Does this word mean something important to you? Is it politically relevant, or has it fallen into obscurity?

At Wordsmyth, we want to encourage everyone to share their favorite words. So we created the  “My Favorite Word” program!

How It Works

  1. Pick your favorite word or look it up.
  2. Write a brief statement about why you like this word, or why you think it’s important.
  3. Click “Submit.”

At the end of every month, Wordsmyth will feature our users’ favorite words in a Word Roundup blog post. Here are some tips on how to get started!

How to Choose a Favorite Word

These questions may help you pick a favorite word:

  1. Why do I like this word?
  2. When did I first notice this word? Why?
  3. Is the word interesting because of the spelling, or the sound, or the meaning?
  4. Does my word choice say something about me or our society?
  5. Is the word important to understanding something else?

Writing Guidelines

Put the word you’re writing about in quotation marks so the reader knows you are talking about it. For example, if you use the word “embarrass,” you could write: When I think of the word “embarrass,” I think of some of the times that I’ve felt embarrassed in my life.  The first appearance of the word mentions the word as a word, and the second appearance uses the word to convey its meaning.

If you quote an external source, please cite the original source or author.

By submitting your favorite word, you give permission to Wordsmyth to publish your written contribution. We reserve the right to edit the text for readability and coherence. We do not take responsibility for any misrepresentation in your contribution.

For any educators interested in using My Favorite Word in their classrooms, check out this project from Glastonbury Public Schools’ ELL Program.

Word Notes

Want to keep track of your favorite words? Create a Word Note!

To create a Word Note, use the box on the homepage to add a Favorite Word Note to your word. You can see your note when you open “My Word Lists” under the “My Wordsmyth” menu on any page on the Wordsmyth website.

Ready to tell us why your favorite word’s so great?

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Until next time, Happy Wordsmything!