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What’s Your Favorite Word?

Do you have a favorite word you’d like to share? Does this word mean something important to you? Is it politically relevant, or has it fallen into obscurity? At Wordsmyth, we want to encourage everyone to share their favorite words. So we created…


Grammar and Usage: “attain” vs. “obtain”

“Obtain” and “attain” have similar pronunciations and meanings, but they do not generally overlap in usage. “Attain” has more the idea of achieving a goal or reaching a level or degree. “Obtain” has more the idea of actually getting something, actually taking possession…


About This Word: “essential”

Welcome to About This Word, where Wordsmyth showcases commentary about relevant words in the news and media our users and staff find interesting. Today’s word: “essential.” edit


About This Word: “public”

Wordsmyth would like to announce About This Word. This new column is part of our ongoing interest in language and semantic change. Today’s word: “public.”   This guest post was contributed by Dr. Bruce Woll, a member of The People’s Lobby in Chicago and the…


ELL Q&A: Contrasting Animals

Welcome to ELL Q&A, where Wordsmyth answers questions submitted by English Language Learners. Today, let’s compare and contrast animals that look similar. edit