Grammatical pattern: VERB + WH-word/whether + INFINITIVE

example: The parentsARE CONSIDERINGwhatto do.
The instuctorDEMONSTRATEDhowto use the equipment.

This pattern is a subtype of the general pattern VERB + OBJECT.† Together, the WH-word and the infinitive form the direct object of the sentence.† With this particular pattern, it is important to note that the action described by the infinitive will potentially be carried out either by the subject of the verb in the sentence or by non-specified persons.† In the first example above, it is the parents who will be doing something, and they are considering what it will be.†In the second example above, the action of using the equipment is not specifically restricted to any particular person or persons.


Verbs that follow the pattern [VERB† +† WH-word/whether† + INFINITIVE]

advise, ask, demonstrate, explain, figure out, find out, forget, know, learn, recall, remember, say, specify


Additional examples of the pattern [VERB† +† WH-word/whether† + INFINITIVE]

The guidebook advises what to do in these kinds of situations.

Did she say where to meet her?

I canít figure out how to operate this.

I donít know whether to stay here or go with them.

Did the school specify what to bring along on the trip?




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