Grammatical pattern: VERB + somebody/something + NOUN/ADJECTIVE

example: I CONSIDER you a good friend.
  They JUDGED the water safe for drinking.
  He PUSHED the door open.
  I MADE the coffee strong.
    VERB smby/smth NOUN/ADJECTIVE  

This pattern tends to be used to describe judgments or preferences about things or people (e.g., “I like curry hot and spicy”), or to describe the resulting condition of a thing or person due to some action (e.g, “He threw the curtains open,” “She sealed the carton tight.”)


Verbs that commonly follow this pattern [VERB + somebody/something +  NOUN/ADJECTIVE]

annoint, appoint, believe, call, certify, consider, cut, declare, deem, designate, drive, ease, force, get, hammer, have, judge, keep, lay, like, love, make, mark, name, ordain, paint, prefer, press, prise, proclaim, pronounce, push, render, rule, seal, set, slam, stamp, term, think, throw, turn, wedge


Additional examples of the pattern [VERB+ somebody/something +  NOUN/ADJECTIVE]

I believe him a trustworthy person.

The nobles proclaimed him king.

I cut my hair short.

She hammered the metal flat.

They prefer their tea weak.

They made her president of their association.

I got my fingers sticky.




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