Grammatical pattern: VERB + somebody/something + PAST PARTICIPLE

example: Dad GOT his hair cut.
I SAW the play performed on Broadway.

In the sentence “Dad got his hair cut,” the verb Is “got,” and the past participle is “cut.” This sentence indicates that someone (probably a barber or hair stylist) cut “Dad’s” hair, and that “Dad” initiated and controlled that action.  Although it was some other person that actually did the action of cutting, it was “Dad” who accomplished the whole act.

With this pattern, some person performs some action on something or someone, and the subject of the sentence initiates, judges, controls, wishes for, needs, or witnesses the act.


Verbs that follow the pattern [VERB + somebody/something + PAST PARTICIPLE]

consider, get, have, hear, make, need, see, want


Additional examples of the pattern  [VERB + somebody/something + PAST PARTICIPLE]

She considers the work finished.

I have heard that opera sung only once.

The boss needs the work done by the end of the week.

The customer wanted the eggs poached not fried.




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