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dih spo z bl
parts of speech:
adjective, noun
Word Combinations (adjective, noun), Word Parts
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: designed for or capable of being disposed of after use.
He bought a disposable razor to take on his trip.
definition 2: available for use.
These people have little disposable income.
Word Combinations  About this feature
adverb + (adj.)disposable environmentally, per
(adj.)disposable + noun aluminum, applicator, asset, bag, battery, beverage, blade, boot, brush, camera, cartridge, catheter, cell, chopsticks, cigarette, clothing, coat, coffee, comedy, commodity, contact, container, copy, cotton, cup, dish, dollar, duster, e-mail, electrode, export, filter, flashlight, foam, foil, glove, gown, handcuff, hero, household, income, instrument, item, lab, latex, leisure, lens, lighter, liner, loaf, mask, meat, napkin, nappy, needle, one, pack, pad, palette, pan, paper, pen, pet, phone, pie, plastic, plate, product, razor, respirator, scalpel, sleeve, soma, sponge, surplus, syringe, tin, tip, tissue, towel, tube, waste [See all][See only the most frequent]
part of speech: noun
definition: something designed or intended to be thrown away, usu. after one using.
Don't you think it's a waste to continue using disposables?
Word Combinations  About this feature
adjective + (n.)disposable reusable
verb + (n.)disposable buy, continue, require, switch, use, wear
noun + (n.)disposable Help cloth, consumer, diaper, film, parent, ton
derivations: disposably (adv.), disposability (n.), disposableness (n.)
Word Parts  About this feature
The word disposable contains the following parts:
dis- Latin prefix that means not; apart; reverse, negate
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The prefix dis- occurs in English attached to Latin roots, as in dissent , but also forms words in English by attaching to verbs (dishearten ) and nouns (disbelief ). dis- has two other forms, as the "s" sound in dis- assimilates to the initial sound of the base to which it is attached. See the assimilated forms dif- and di-3.
de-, un-
-able, -ible, -ble Latin adjective-forming suffix that means capable of being, doing, or undergoing
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The suffix -able , and its variants, is attached to Latin verb roots or English transitive verbs to form adjectives. (In a small set of cases, -able is attached to a noun, e.g. knowledgeable and marriageable.) For spelling purposes, it is useful to know that -able is more likely to be added to a whole English word (comparable , adorable ), while -ible is more likely to follow a bound root (visible , legible ). However,there are still many words which combine a root with -able (capable , inevitable ). The suffix -ity can be added to any adjective ending in -able , -ible , -ble to produce a corresponding noun ending in -ability, -ibility, -bility (possible + -ity > possibility; irrevocable + -ity > irrevocability.)
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acceptable, accessible, admissible, adorable, amiable, amicable, audible, avoidable, believable, bearable, biodegradable, capable, calculable, cognizable, comparable, compatible, comprehensible, conformable, conversable, convertible, corrigible, credible, creditable, curable, dependable, despicable, disagreeable, disposable, divisible, eligible, explicable, flammable, flexible, illegible, illimitable, imaginable, immiscible, immovable, immutable, impalpable, impassable, impeccable, impermeable, impermissible, imperturbable, implacable, implausible, imponderable, impossible, impregnable, inalienable, inaudible, incapable, incalculable, incommunicable, incomprehensible, inconceivable, detectable, conceivable, incorrigible, incredible, incurable, indefeasible, indelible, indescribable, indestructible, indivisible, indomitable, ineligible, ineluctable, ineradicable, inescapable, inevitable, inexorable, inexpiable, inexplicable, infallible, inhospitable, inimitable, inscrutable, inseparable, insuperable, intangible, interminable, intractable, invaluable, invariable, invincible, invisible, irrefragable, irrefutable, irremissible, irreparable, irreversible, irrevocable, legible, likable, lovable, manageable, measurable, movable, navigable, notable, opposable, palpable, perishable, permissible, placable, portable, possible, potable, predictable, preferable, prescriptible, recognizable, remissible, reprehensible, reversible, risible, semipermeable, sensible, superable, susceptible, tangible, tenable, tolerable, tractable, transmissible, unsupportable, usable, viable, visible, washable, affordable, allowable, reliable, remarkable, approachable, disputable, drinkable, durable, eatable, renewable, sustainable, unshakable