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In pro pri iht
Word Combinations (adjective), Word Parts
part of speech: adjective
definition: not suitable or fitting; not appropriate.
an inappropriate dress for the occasion
appropriate, apt, proper, suitable
similar words:
improper, incongruous, inconvenient, inept, out of place, unbecoming, unhappy, unseemly, wrong
Word Combinations  About this feature
adverb + (adj.)inappropriate clearly, completely, contextually, culturally, developmentally, entirely, equally, grossly, highly, incredibly, morally, sexually, socially, somehow, totally, wholly, wildly
(adj.)inappropriate + noun adolescent, aggression, analogy, anger, antibiotic, attire, behavior, behaviour, circumstance, classroom, comment, conduct, contact, content, context, e-mail, engagement, expectation, gesture, intervention, joke, language, manner, meaning, medication, motor, peer, placement, prescription, referral, reinforcement, relationship, remark, response, setting, therapist, treatment, use  [See all][See only the most frequent]
derivations: inappropriately (adv.), inappropriateness (n.)
Word Parts  About this feature
The word inappropriate contains the following part:
in-2 Latin prefix that means not, without
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The prefix in-2 occurs in Latin loanwords and attaches to Latinate bases. The bases of most words prefixed with in-2 are independent adjectives (inadvertent , incognizant ), although the base adjective may no longer be in widespread use (as with incessant ). Exceptions include iniquitous and indignant . -in2 has multiple forms, as the 'n' sound in in-2 assimilates to the initial sound of the base to which it is attached. See the assimilated forms ig-, il-2, im-2, and ir-2.