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ihn sI pihd
Word Combinations (adjective), Word Parts
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: not interesting; dull.
It's an exciting play, but the cast gave an insipid performance.
bland, dull, jejune, tame, vapid
exciting, interesting, sapid
similar words:
arid, banal, barren, boring, flat, humdrum, innocuous, listless, neutral, prosaic, stale, tedious, tired, unimaginative
definition 2: having a bland or uninteresting flavor; tasteless.
Every day at the hospital, they served some kind of insipid soup.
flavorless, savorless, tasteless, vapid
robust, sapid, savory, tasty
similar words:
bland, unappetizing, unpalatable, unsavory, weak
Word Combinations  About this feature
adverb + (adj.)insipid fairly, mostly, pretty, rather, somewhat
(adj.)insipid + noun arrangement, bread, color, cook, incident, joke, lady, music, rain, sort, spirit, statue, text, texture, tune, wall
derivations: insipidly (adv.), insipidity (n.), insipidness (n.)
Word Parts  About this feature
The word insipid contains the following part:
in-2 Latin prefix that means not, without
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The prefix in-2 occurs in Latin loanwords and attaches to Latinate bases. The bases of most words prefixed with in-2 are independent adjectives (inadvertent , incognizant ), although the base adjective may no longer be in widespread use (as with incessant ). Exceptions include iniquitous and indignant . -in2 has multiple forms, as the 'n' sound in in-2 assimilates to the initial sound of the base to which it is attached. See the assimilated forms ig-, il-2, im-2, and ir-2.