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kam plihsh
Word Combinations (verb), Word Parts
part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: accomplishes, accomplishing, accomplished
definition 1: to succeed in doing or finishing, esp. something that requires effort.
We have two more tasks to accomplish before we're done.He'd been meaning to paint the garage for weeks and was happy to have accomplished that on Sunday.Members of Congress congratulated themselves on accomplishing the passage of this historic bill.I didn't feel very well yesterday and didn't accomplish anything.
achieve, carry out, do
similar words:
attain, complete, conclude, crown, discharge, dispatch, execute, finish, fulfill, hack, perform
definition 2: to successfully reach or proceed through.
She wanted to play this difficult piece perfectly, and her new piano teacher helped her accomplish this goal.
achieve, attain, reach
definition 3: to cause to happen.
These changes cannot be accomplished in so little time.The boss expects us to accomplish certain results.
Word Combinations  About this feature
adverb + (v.)accomplish best, easily, reasonably, successfully
(v.)accomplish + adverb deal, efficiently, great, lot, militarily
(v.)accomplish + nounHelp aim, bloodshed, chore, deed, dream, end, feat, goal, maneuver, milestone, miracle, mission, objective, purpose, reform, reversal, task, transformation [See all][See only the most frequent]
Word Parts  About this feature
The word accomplish contains the following parts:
ac- Latin prefix that means to, toward
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The prefix ac- occurs in Latin loanwords. It is an assimilated form of ad- used before Latin roots beginning with hard or soft "c" or "q." See ad-.
com- Latin prefix that means with, together
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The prefix com- attaches to Latin bases beginning with m, p, or b. It has multiple forms, as the 'm' sound in com- assimilates to the initial sound of the base to which it is attached. See the assimilated forms col-, con-, cor-, and co-. Note: com- is frequently an intensive prefix, as in "commemorate " and "command ."
ple, plen, plet Latin root that means fill up, fulfill