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rih praI zl
Word Combinations (noun), Word Parts
part of speech: noun
definition 1: injury inflicted in retaliation for injury received, as in war; revenge.
In reprisal for German attacks on their cities, the French bombed the German city of Baden.
retaliation, revenge, vengeance
similar words:
counterattack, deserts, retribution, tit for tat
definition 2: the use of force or political tactics to strike back against another country without actually going to war.
Word Combinations  About this feature
adjective + (n.)reprisal afraid, bloody, brutal, economic, fearful, harsh, immediate, legal, massive, military, possible, potential, savage, severe, terrible, terrorist, understandable, violent
verb + (n.)reprisal attack, avoid, carry, face, fear, invite, provoke, risk, seek, single, suffer, threaten, trigger, worry
(n.)reprisal + verb deter, flee, refuse
noun + (n.)reprisal Help act, arrest, closure, cycle, fear, intimidation, journalist, minority, possibility, rebel, refugee, target, threat, violence
Word Parts  About this feature
The word reprisal contains the following parts:
pris, -prise, prehens, -prehend Latin root that means take, grasp
-al1 Latin noun-forming suffix that means act or result of
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The suffix -al1 attaches to verbs, primarily verbs from Latin or from Latin via French, to form nouns. The base verb always has primary stress on its final syllable.