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sen s bl
Word Combinations (adjective), Word Parts
part of speech: adjective
definition 1: having or showing sound judgment.
Her son had always made unwise decisions, and she wished he would be more sensible.I don't think that quitting your job is a sensible thing to do right now.
levelheaded, prudent, rational, reasonable
absurd, asinine, daft, foolish, half-baked, impractical, mad, nonsensical, senseless, silly, stupid, wild, zany
similar words:
credible, down-to-earth, hardheaded, intelligent, judicious, logical, plausible, politic, realistic, responsible, sagacious, sage, sane, sober, sound, thoughtful
definition 2: very aware; cognizant (usu. fol. by "of").
He is no longer sensible of his surroundings.We are all sensible of your grief.Few were sensible of the event's seriousness at the time.
aware, cognizant, conscious
similar words:
attentive, awake, mindful, observant, regardful
definition 3: able to be perceived by the senses.
At first, the odor of the leaking gas was not sensible to the employees.
perceptible, phenomenal
similar words:
appreciable, concrete, corporeal, discernible, feeling, manifest, material, palpable, physical, real, substantial, tangible, visible
definition 4: able to perceive or feel; conscious.
Only the dogs were sensible to the noise.
conscious, sentient
insensible, senseless
similar words:
aware, sensitive
Word Combinations  About this feature
adverb + (adj.)sensible economically, eminently, equally, otherwise, perfectly, scientifically, seemingly, utterly
(adj.)sensible + adverb ecologically, from, surely, wildly
(adj.)sensible + noun advice, allocation, alternative, approach, arrangement, atmosphere, choice, clothes, compromise, conclusion, decision, diet, downsizing, eating, exercise, explanation, fellow, heel, lifestyle, limit, load, nutrition, option, plan, planning, policy, portion, precaution, pricing, proposal, pump, recommendation, reform, regimen, regulation, sailor, scheme, sedan, shoe, skirt, solution, starting, strategy, suggestion, suspicion, walking [See all][See only the most frequent]
derivations: sensibly (adv.), sensibleness (n.)
Word Parts  About this feature
The word sensible contains the following parts:
sens, sent1 Latin root that means to feel, to perceive
-able, -ible, -ble Latin adjective-forming suffix that means capable of being, doing, or undergoing
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The suffix -able , and its variants, is attached to Latin verb roots or English transitive verbs to form adjectives. (In a small set of cases, -able is attached to a noun, e.g. knowledgeable and marriageable.) For spelling purposes, it is useful to know that -able is more likely to be added to a whole English word (comparable , adorable ), while -ible is more likely to follow a bound root (visible , legible ). However,there are still many words which combine a root with -able (capable , inevitable ). The suffix -ity can be added to any adjective ending in -able , -ible , -ble to produce a corresponding noun ending in -ability, -ibility, -bility (possible + -ity > possibility; irrevocable + -ity > irrevocability.)
Show wordsHide wordsExample words:
acceptable, accessible, admissible, adorable, amiable, amicable, audible, avoidable, believable, bearable, biodegradable, capable, calculable, cognizable, comparable, compatible, comprehensible, conformable, conversable, convertible, corrigible, credible, creditable, curable, dependable, despicable, disagreeable, disposable, divisible, eligible, explicable, flammable, flexible, illegible, illimitable, imaginable, immiscible, immovable, immutable, impalpable, impassable, impeccable, impermeable, impermissible, imperturbable, implacable, implausible, imponderable, impossible, impregnable, inalienable, inaudible, incapable, incalculable, incommunicable, incomprehensible, inconceivable, detectable, conceivable, incorrigible, incredible, incurable, indefeasible, indelible, indescribable, indestructible, indivisible, indomitable, ineligible, ineluctable, ineradicable, inescapable, inevitable, inexorable, inexpiable, inexplicable, infallible, inhospitable, inimitable, inscrutable, inseparable, insuperable, intangible, interminable, intractable, invaluable, invariable, invincible, invisible, irrefragable, irrefutable, irremissible, irreparable, irreversible, irrevocable, legible, likable, lovable, manageable, measurable, movable, navigable, notable, opposable, palpable, perishable, permissible, placable, portable, possible, potable, predictable, preferable, prescriptible, recognizable, remissible, reprehensible, reversible, risible, semipermeable, sensible, superable, susceptible, tangible, tenable, tolerable, tractable, transmissible, unsupportable, usable, viable, visible, washable, affordable, allowable, reliable, remarkable, approachable, disputable, drinkable, durable, eatable, renewable, sustainable, unshakable