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part of speech: noun
definition 1: an electronic device used to store, sort, correlate, and make calculations on data at high speeds.
definition 2: someone or something that computes.
Word Combinations  About this feature
adjective + (n.)computer advanced, digital, electrical, electronic, faster, hand-held, high-speed, high-tech, interactive, networked, online, personal, portable, sophisticated, state-of-the-art, virtual
verb + (n.)computer access, connect, download, equip, hook, install, link, log, manipulate, plug, program, scan, store, tap, type, upgrade, use
(n.)computer + verb aid, analyze, console, display, fax, generate, hack, model, monitor, simulate, track
noun + (n.)computer Help access, desktop, laptop, laser, mainframe, math, mathematics, multimedia, notebook, quantum, telephone, video, wireless
Word Explorer
broader category that includes computers
some actions relating to computers
some descriptions of computers
some kinds of computers
some parts of computers
some people associated with computers
some terms for computer information
some things computers are used for
some things conventionally associated with computers
some units for measuring computers
Word Parts  About this feature
The word computer contains the following parts:
com- Latin prefix that means with, together
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The prefix com- attaches to Latin bases beginning with m, p, or b. It has multiple forms, as the 'm' sound in com- assimilates to the initial sound of the base to which it is attached. See the assimilated forms col-, con-, cor-, and co-. Note: com- is frequently an intensive prefix, as in "commemorate " and "command ."
put, putat Latin root that means trim; count; reckon or suppose
-er, -or, -ar2 Latin noun-forming suffix that means a person or thing that does
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The suffix group -er , -or , -ar2 turns verbs into agent nouns.
-ist, -ite2, -ator, -an, -ian, -ean