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break dancing a style of dancing involving acrobatic movements, such as spinning headstands, pantomime, and jerky, robotlike movements.
break down to become ineffective or unable to function. [2 definitions]
break even to emerge from a transaction without profits or losses.
break in to enter a home or other property by force, without authorization, and with an illegal purpose. [2 definitions]
break in(to) to enter by force without permission.
break the ice to relieve social tensions caused by formality or awkwardness. [2 definitions]
break the law to do something that is not allowed by the law.
break up to break or be broken (into pieces or sections). [6 definitions]
break-even of or designating a point at which credits and debits are equal, as in a business that shows neither a profit nor a loss.
break-in an incident in which a home or other property is entered without authorization and for an illegal purpose, especially that of burglary.
coffee break a short rest from work, usu. in mid-morning or mid-afternoon, for coffee or other refreshments.
fast break a play, esp. in basketball, in which a team advances quickly down the playing area to try to score before the defense is prepared.
service break an instance of winning a game on the opponent's serve, as in tennis.
station break an interval, during or between radio or television program broadcasting, that allows a station or network to make announcements, identify itself, present commercials, or the like.