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Wordsmyth has always been a resource for online learning, but with so many K-12 teachers engaging in online instruction during this difficult time, we would like to offer a guide to Wordsmyth’s plentiful tools that can help out with the challenging task of…


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As schools have moved onto internet instruction, teachers are in greater need of excellent and reliable online resources than ever before. In WILD, Wordsmyth Illustrated Learner’s Dictionary, they will find some of the best materials to help young children learn and explore in…


Words of the Week

Here are the words of the day for the past week. With the Wordsmyth Vocabulary Center activities, you can study these words, play games with them, and assess your knowledge of their meanings with a quiz. Click here to go to the Vocabulary…


WOTD: abet

transitive verb to incite, encourage, or aid, esp. in wrongdoing.It is a crime to abet an escaped convict. See the full entry edit


WOTD: rabid

adjective 1. of or pertaining to rabies or to one infected with rabies.He was bitten by a rabid dog and was rushed to the hospital. 2. extreme in opinion or action; fanatical.The senator was considered by many to be a rabid anti-communist. 3.…


WOTD: whimsical

adjective 1. characterized by or resulting from a whim or fancy.He had to admit that it was a whimsical decision, not based on any clear logic or need.The design of this vast mansion was whimsical, with its numerous odd turrets, balconies, and towers.Punishments…


WOTD: defer

transitive verb 1. to put off until a later time or date; postpone.We deferred our trip because of the snowstorm.I’ll defer giving my answer until I’ve had more time to consider. 2. to postpone induction of (someone) into military service.The military deferred male…