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WOTD: notation

noun 1. a system of symbols used in a particular field.Greek letters such as pi and sigma are used in mathematical notation along with Arabic numerals and various other symbols.He’s an accomplished songwriter, and yet he never learned to read or write musical…


WOTD: leaven

transitive verb to produce fermentation in (dough or batter), consequently causing the dough or batter to rise in the process of baking.The dough is leavened with yeast. to enliven or change with a subtle, pervasive influence.The story is leavened by her sense of…


WOTD: manifest

adjective clear and unmistakable to the eye or mind; plain; obvious.His guilt was manifest to all. transitive verb 1. to show plainly; display; demonstrate.The results of the treatment generally manifest themselves after only four days. 2. to evidence or prove.These documents manifest my…


WOTD: befall

transitive verb to happen to.Misfortune befell him in those years after his marriage. intransitive verb to take place; happen.I can never forget the horror that befell that night. See the full entry edit


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