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WOTD: strive

intransitive verb to try or work hard; exert oneself.The athletes strove to improve their performance before the next Olympics.She’s striving to reach the top in her profession.Leaders on both sides have been striving for a peaceful end to the conflict.He continues to strive…


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WOTD: ludicrous

adjective worthy of mockery; laughable and ridiculous.He regretted his ludicrous attempt at poetry and turned his attention back to journalism . See the full entry edit


WOTD: rot

intransitive verb to decompose or decay, as organic matter.They kept the vegetables so long that they rotted in the refrigerator. transitive verb to cause decay or deterioration in.The warm weather rotted the fallen apples.Sugar can rot your teeth. noun the process of rotting;…


WOTD: atheist

noun one who believes that there is no god or gods.He’d grown up believing in God, but the war had made him an atheist. See the full entry edit