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With the Wordsmyth Vocabulary Center activities, you can study these words, play games with them, and assess your knowledge of their meanings with a quiz. Click here to go to the Vocabulary Center. This word list will have been loaded for you. Just…


WOTD: catalyst

noun 1. a substance that produces or speeds up a chemical reaction without being affected itself.An enzyme is an organic catalyst. 2. an agent that causes an interaction between persons or forces without being affected itself.The incidents of police brutality were the catalyst…


WOTD: venom

nonu 1. the poisonous fluid that certain snakes, insects, scorpions, and other animals produce and transmit to their prey by biting or stinging.This snake injects its prey with venom through its fangs. 2. an emotion such as envy or hatred, esp. when verbally…


WOTD: baron

noun 1. a member of the hereditary nobility. In Great Britain, a baron is a nobleman of the lowest rank; peer.His ancestor, the first baron, received the title for his loyalty and service to the king. 2. a very powerful financier or industrialist…


WOTD: wretched

adjective 1. miserable, unhappy, or unfortunate.He felt wretched after failing the exam the second time.When she realized the consequences, she felt wretched about what she’d done. 2. characterized by or causing misery and suffering.The future king was appalled at the wretched living conditions…