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Daily definitions and usage information for all who want to increase and hone their vocabulary.


WOTD: nurture

transitive verb 1. to care for and encourage the growth and development of (a living thing).She carefully nurtured her tiny plants.It was really our grandparents who nurtured us; our parents were unable to do that. 2. to encourage the development of, or to…


WOTD: devote

transitive verb 1. to give (one’s time or attention) to a purpose.The volunteers devoted their time and energy to helping others.He regretted that he had devoted so little time to his children when they were small. 2. to set apart for a special…


WOTD: thrive

intransitive verb 1. to progress well or succeed; prosper.The business got off to a rocky start, but it’s thriving now.With luck and hard work, the settlers were able to thrive in the new land. 2. to grow vigorously or stay healthy.The child is…


WOTD: flourish

intransitive verb 1. to grow and thrive; be healthy and vigorous.Ferns do not flourish in direct sunlight.My tomato plants are flourishing this year, so I have plenty of tomatoes to give to friends. 2. to do well; succeed; prosper.Businesses flourished during the economic…


WOTD: revive

transitive verb 1. to update or bring back into use.Now that they have children of their own, they want to revive some of the old family traditions.Many of the styles of past decades have been revived. 2. to infuse with new health, vigor,…