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A handy list for introducing roots and affixes to your students

As educators, we are all aware that learning words parts, particularly Greek and Latin roots and prefixes, can help students guess the meaning of new words as well as help them recall the meaning of words that they have previously been exposed to. …


WILD for PreK-2 Vocabulary learning

The Wordsmyth Illustrated Learner’s Dictionary (WILD) is organized into four sections that facilitate children’s vocabulary learning in two ways: (a) learning new words for concepts the child already has, and (b) learning new concepts and new words that add new ways of organizing…


WILD Word Learner App

WILD Word Learner is a companion app to the Wordsmyth Illustrated Learner’s Dictionary (WILD). This educational game app gives young learners the opportunity to learn close to 1000 carefully selected words from WILD.  These words are distributed over twelve kid-friendly topics and nearly 200 wordlists and make a delightful introduction to the world of English words.


Word Explorer: explore the world of the words

Unique to our Children’s Dictionary is the Word Explorer:  a word-finding and knowledge-exploration feature. It is an index of related words that allows a child to find words connected with multiple topics and to explore whole networks of words and their meanings.  The…


Animated vocabulary instruction for kids!

Having trouble making basic, essential concepts clear to your young students? WILD animations can help! In addition to thousands of colorful static images created by our artists, the Wordsmyth Illustrated Learner’s Dictionary (WILD) offers animated illustrations for some of the most difficult words…