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Wordsmyth’s online teaching resources

Wordsmyth has always been a resource for online learning, but with so many K-12 teachers engaging in online instruction during this difficult time, we would like to offer a guide to Wordsmyth’s plentiful tools that can help out with the challenging task of…


A Detailed Look at Navigating in WILD

The following is a guide designed to make clear the real nitty-gritty of navigation within WILD. It discusses all four components of WILD—the Book, Collections, World, and Picture Dictionary—but it focuses most particularly on navigation within the Collections and within the WILD World.…


Quick-start guide to using WILD

This overview of the structure and general operation of WILD is designed to help teachers get started using this rich online resource with their students.


ReadWorks vocabulary widget powered by Wordsmyth

Working in partnership with the acclaimed ReadWorks reading program, Wordsmyth is powering the new “ReadWorks Vocabulary Widget,” now live at The new vocabulary widget is automatically available for students to use during reading on the ReadWorks site. ReadWorks pre-selected vocabulary words appear in bold…


Word Explorer: explore the world of the words

Unique to our Children’s Dictionary is the Word Explorer:  a word-finding and knowledge-exploration feature. It is an index of related words that allows a child to find words connected with multiple topics and to explore whole networks of words and their meanings.  The…