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We want to make the process of using our Teacher Tools as easy as possible. So we have taken two steps to make your life easier. First, we have implemented SAML (Security Assertion Mark-up Language) for schools using this technology for data federation, identity management or single sign-on (SSO).


Teacher Tools User Guide

How the Teacher Tools work Our Teacher Tools provide 4 basic functions described in the overview immediately below. More complete explanations of these functions follow this overview. Clicking the title of each function will bring you to the respective detailed description. Create a…


WOTD: livelihood

noun means of subsistence.Farming is his livelihood. See the full entry edit


WOTD: accord

noun balanced interrelationship; agreement; harmony.In accord with tradition, the bride wore white. transitive verb to cause to agree; make harmonious; reconcile.It is sad that it took a tragedy to accord these two families. intransitive verb to be in unity or harmony; agree; conform…


WOTD: bog

noun an area of soft, wet earth and decayed vegetation; marsh.Bogs are suitable for growing cranberries. transitive verb & intransitive verb to become or cause to be stuck or immobilized as in a bog (usu. fol. by “down”).I got bogged down with errands…


Weekly Quiz

With the Wordsmyth Vocabulary Center activities, you can study these words, play games with them, and assess your knowledge of their meanings with a quiz. Click here to go to the Vocabulary Center. This word list will have been loaded for you. Just…


WOTD: radical

adjective of or relating to roots, origins, or fundamental characteristics; basic.There are radical differences between these two systems of government. 2. extreme or complete, as a particular action or behavior. The parents’ divorce brought about a radical change in the lives of the…