The Wordsmyth Vocabulary Center

Teachers, the Wordsmyth Vocabulary Center offers some of the best vocabulary-teaching tools you’ll find online and supports your curriculum’s vocabulary component for all subjects. In addition, it provides a remarkably easy way for your students to personalize their vocabulary learning on their own.


WILD’s Interactive World Maps

WILD’s interactive map of the world’s continents and countries, found in the Maps Collection, allows children to navigate from the world level, to the continent level, to the region and country level, and back up again. And all along the way, children have an opportunity to read and find out more about each place in the world they encounter.


WOTD: leaven

transitive verb to produce fermentation in (dough or batter), consequently causing the dough or batter to rise in the process of baking.The dough is leavened with yeast. to enliven or change with a subtle, pervasive influence.The story is leavened by her sense of…


WOTD: manifest

adjective clear and unmistakable to the eye or mind; plain; obvious.His guilt was manifest to all. transitive verb 1. to show plainly; display; demonstrate.The results of the treatment generally manifest themselves after only four days. 2. to evidence or prove.These documents manifest my…


WOTD: befall

transitive verb to happen to.Misfortune befell him in those years after his marriage. intransitive verb to take place; happen.I can never forget the horror that befell that night. See the full entry edit


Words of the Week

Here are the words of the day for the past week. With the Wordsmyth Vocabulary Center activities, you can study these words, play games with them, and assess your knowledge of their meanings with a quiz. Click here to go to the Vocabulary…


WOTD: pacifist

noun 1. one who opposes war and refuses to practice or acknowledge violence as a way of settling disputes or resisting aggression.Some pacifists gave up their ideals and joined the fight in World War II. 2. one whose belief leads him or her…