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WILD’s Interactive World Maps

WILD’s interactive map of the world’s continents and countries, found in the Maps Collection, allows children to navigate from the world level, to the continent level, to the region and country level, and back up again. And all along the way, children have an opportunity to read and find out more about each place in the world they encounter.


WILD has gotten a great update and a new look!

Yes! As part of our recent update, we’ve adopted a new logo for WILD. In addition to the logo change, we’ve made many improvements to the dictionary that will make it even better at supporting the online education of learners in grades K…


WILD video overview: a summary of what you’ll find in the Wordsmyth Illustrated Learner’s Dictionary


If you’re new to WILD or want an easy way to introduce it to fellow teachers or friends, here is a video that covers the basics! Read more in detail: WILD: Picture Dictionary WILD: World WILD: Collections WILD: the Book edit


Animated vocabulary instruction for kids!

Having trouble making basic, essential concepts clear to your young students? WILD animations can help! In addition to thousands of colorful static images created by our artists, the Wordsmyth Illustrated Learner’s Dictionary (WILD) offers animated illustrations for some of the most difficult words…


WILD: the Book

The Book environment in WILD allows the child to access and explore dictionary entries in an interactive e-book format.  Concise versions of entries are displayed as if on pages of a print dictionary, and clicking on any word will open up its full…